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Durex Extra Safe

6 Pack, 12 Pack, 20 Pack


  • Slightly thicker
  • With extra lubrication
  • Easy-On Shape
  • Sensi-fit Condoms
  • Smells Betterh


Durex Extra Safe transparent and lubricated condoms are made for safe and sensual experience. Created with slightly thicker latex and extra lubrication, they’re designed to enhance pleasure and protection in all kinds of sexual experience. Relax and let go, knowing you can have fun without forfeit to safety.
Remember, no contraceptive is 100% effective against pregnancy, HIV or sexually transmitted infections. It’s good to be in the know, so make sure you read the instructions inside info inside.

Storage Instructions

  • Store below 30C

Safety Warnings

  • Please read the leaflet inside the pack carefully.
  • Use as Directed.
  • Use a condom only once.
DISCREET PACKAGINGnobody need know about your Durex condom delivery, but you. Packaging may vary
REDUCED LATEX SMELLDurex Extra Safe are formulated for fun, with a less off-putting latex scent
EASY TO USE56mm nominal width, designed with an easy-on, teat ended, smooth shape for ease of use, and to help you enjoy uninterrupted fun
DUREX QUALITYstands for ‘durability’ ‘reliability’ and ‘excellence’, Durex exceeds worldwide quality standards. 100% electronically, rigorously and dermatologically tested, for true confidence and trust