Why were ribbed, dotted and textured condoms invented? What can they do for you and your partner?

The history

Condoms have been around in one form or another for thousands of years (it’s best not to think about the earlier versions, believe us). From 1855 until the 1920s they were made of rubber. In 1919 – thankfully – inventor Fredrick Killian found a latex substitute. And now there are

Polyisoprene condoms for those allergic to latex. So everyone’s covered (literally) with the material they are most comfortable with.

The options

Ribbed, studded, and other textured condoms were invented to heighten sexual pleasure. And the condom you use is a matter of your preference. So try, try and try again to you find your particular favourite (and bear in mind that this may change through the course of the month for women).

Dotted condoms, like Durex Sensation, have dots positioned in key locations to create extra sensation. This special texturing can also allow for greater pleasure for a longer time. Some condoms, like Durex Pleasuremax, have both stimulating ribs and raised dots for maximum enhancement of pleasure for both of you. Durex Performax Intense cleverly combines dots to speed up the woman’s response, and lubricant to slow his down, thus increasing the chance of a mind-blowing simultaneous orgasm.

What they do

Basically, these subtle tweaks create a more intense level of sensation for the user. This happens by creating a more pleasurable friction in the vagina (which makes proper lubrication extra important), which in turn heightens the nervous stimulation she feels. The only way to find out if they’re for you is to try them and see.

The other thing to consider is how the fit affects the man. Because the penis is rich in nerve endings, especially at the head, a too-tight feeling along the shaft and head can dull sensation and cut blood circulation. Conversely, snugness around the base allows men to relax because they feel more protected. All Durex condoms are designed with this in mind but, again, your own experience will help you choose what’s right for you and your partner. There are many options of thickness (or, more appropriately, thinness), size and lubricant. Read the packets for specific details.

Longer lasting

Another option to investigate is the ‘performance enhancing’ condom. To prolong his pleasure, these condoms have a specially formulated ingredient to delay ejaculation – and they can be a real revelation. Benzocaine, a local anaesthetic that was first made at the end of the 19th century[3], works by reducing the feeling in the nerve endings of the penis. This can enable the man to last a lot longer before climaxing, allowing his partner to reach the peak of pleasure. 

Time to experiment, NOW!