For some, casual relationships can be fun, exciting, and a dream come true; for others, it can be a sign of a nightmare. 

With time, as you and your casual fling partner spend more and more time together, your causal dating relationship might become more meaningful and start to feel more serious. It can be hard to tell when that transition happens. 

If you have been seeing someone for a while and are wondering if things are turning in a different direction, there are some signs to look out for that will hint at whether the relationship is getting serious. 

In this article, we’ll list the 7 most common signs of a casual relationship getting serious!

1. The three magic words

There couldn’t be a clearer sign that your relationship is getting serious than saying, “ I love you.” Whether you say it after three days or a few months, these words indicate that you and your partner are ready for something more serious. 

2. Disagreeing respectfully

Disagreements are part of any relationship, but how you handle them is what matters. Even though it is neither flawless nor easy, the right relationship upholds a high standard of respect even in the face of conflict. 

Therefore, if you or your partner get stuck in a disagreement, try to understand one another and offer an apology rather than blame or make accusations if you are at fault. 

This shows your partner that you are thinking about them and being prepared to consider the wider picture—maintaining a happy and long-lasting relationship.

3. Attending family functions

Getting asked by your partner to spend time with them at a family function strongly indicates that they see the relationship developing into something more than a casual date. Use this opportunity to learn more about your partner and leave a charming, stunning, and confident impression on their friends and family. 

4. Sharing everything 

Sharing news, good or bad, with your partner before anyone else is another wonderful way to demonstrate your commitment to one another. 

5. Making time for each other

Finding time for your partner can be difficult because of your busy schedule. Putting off spending time with your partner due to work or other commitments is not uncommon. 

However, making time for your partner, regardless of how hectic your life is, shows you value your time together. 

6. Moving in together 

You realize you are spending too much time together at your partner’s house and have begun to leave more stuff, such as shoes, toothbrushes, or outfits, there after several sleepovers. 

Moving together is a great sign to show that you two are committed to each other, and the relationship is becoming more serious. 

7. Seeing a future together

If you and your partner are on the same page regarding the future of your relationship, then it’s safe to say that they see you as important to them. 

Including yourself in plans is a great way to assess your level of commitment, whether it is just a vacation trip or a family wedding a year away.