Our best sex tips from the past year to bring you closer together

The New Year is a great time to hit ‘Refresh’ on many areas of your life. This includes your sex life. It’s time to try something new this year. Better, new ways of having sex can bring you and your partner closer together and create a stronger emotional bond.

But it can be quite overwhelming to know where to start, so here are our favourite tips to please your partner in bed…


Tips for ensuring that you have the most romantic holiday of your life
As the holiday season is upon us, it is but natural to plan a getaway for yourself and your other half. Now is as good a time as any to do so – there is strong sunshine, both of you are tanned, the atmosphere is relaxed and there is plenty of time to enjoy each other. We give you a few tips to ensure that your holiday lives up to your expectations:

Take a break from sightseeing
Holidays provide the perfect excuse to see the sights and immerse yourself in the culture. But you will be tired if all your time is spent exploring the place you are visiting. You are on a romantic break, and you must relax and spend some alone time with your partner. If you want to see the sights and rest as well, you could head out early in the morning and return to your hotel for a nap and a relaxed evening out. This way, you’ll have a lot of energy for a fun-filled evening together, and this will lead up to a wonderful night as well. You can also take it easy the next day and plan a lie-in – this also gives you more time to please your partner the night before.

Take photos and reminisce
A romantic trip needs romantic memories, and there’s no better way to preserve precious moments than to take lots of pictures. Its trendy to take selfies wherever you go, so hop on to the trend on your holiday! You could take cute snaps of the two of you during dreamy beach walks, or fun action shots in the pool (be sure to use a waterproof camera) or ask a passing waiter or member of the staff to take a photo of the two of you. You will cherish these photographs forever.

Go somewhere you can dance
Dancing is often considered a ‘girly’ activity, though there’s no reason it should be. You are both in a romantic place, and now’s a good time as any to get some dirty dancing or cheek-to-cheek moves in. Nobody you know is around, so you can go as passionate or goofy as you like. Dancing also lets the two of you bond and get extra close without being ‘too close’!

Be honeymooners
Even if you are not on honeymoon, just say yes when any reception staff or restaurants ask if you are. If you look like you’re in love, people will assume that you’re on a honeymoon trip – and this opens the door for upgrades of hotel suites and five star treatment. Whilst you are staying in another country, in another room and in an unfamiliar bed, you want your private time together to be as romantic and racy as possible. It is quite exciting to have sex in a place that you is not very familiar – it can be really sexy and passionate, in the most luxurious surroundings possible. Trust us, sex in a four poster bed is a whole new experience you don’t want to miss.

Play in the sand
Sand can be a real nuisance, but it’s not often that you get to roll around in it or write sweet love notes for your partner, when you’re back home. You can make the most of sandy surroundings by lying on the sand at a beautiful, peaceful beach. Write silly quotes, rub sand into your partner’s skin, and use it as an excuse to wash each other down later…



A holiday with your loved one is an important part of any relationship. Every couple wants to go abroad to a pretty locale to spend some alone time. On that note, you will spend a lot of time planning your holiday and dreaming about it. So how can the actual holiday live up to your expectations? Here’s a good pointer: Stop worrying about it. If you constantly worry about how you will please your partner and how everything has to be simply perfect on your holiday, chances are the holiday might be anything but. You have a good idea of what your partner likes, and what the two of you like as a couple. So you know what will work and what won’t, sex-wise.

Most of us envision pristine sandy beaches, burning hot sun, swaying palm trees, and your other half wearing quite skimpy clothing on their holiday. It’s a time to just be together without any stress, so make sure there aren’t any. The less you worry about it, the more you will enjoy the break. Instead of worrying about having an extravagant evening activity, just go out to dinner and walk on the beach later – it’s so romantic! Stop overthinking things and just get into the mood, and chances are that you will have a better time of it than if you planned everything obsessively to the last detail.


Whether you plan to relax with massages and margaritas, or you seek a holiday filled with hiking and sightseeing, a holiday with a partner should also include a lot of relaxing, reconnecting and bonding over quality time spent together. Follow these tips for a perfect romantic getaway.

The fun begins with packing right, so you could think about bringing along the things that you don’t normally use back home, such as:

Heated, scented oils can drive your partner wild in bed. Rub the oil all over their back and thighs massage them with your slick hands.

Ladies, remember that all your man wants on holiday is you. So wear something daring, like suspenders and lace – he won’t believe his eyes (and his luck) and you’ll have enough brownie points to last you an entire year!

Whether it's vibrators, rings or handcuffs, if you take toys to your romantic holiday, you are sure to drive your partner into a tizzy.

Fun activities
Splash out on a couples’ spa treatment for some indulgent alone time.