A weekend away from the usual hustle and bustle of life is always welcome, but your joy is doubled if you are headed to a festival! It’s the perfect time to enjoy some free-spirited sex. The thought of being in the great outdoors, spending your nights in a canvas tent and having sex quietly are all really exciting. So you are better served to plan ahead – your experience will be an unforgettable one, for all the right reasons! Here are five things to remember…

Be pitch perfect

The first task is to pitch your tent in the right spot, and in the correct manner. You will not be able to relax completely, much less have sex, if your tent is only inches away from those of others. So look for a secluded spot and get pitching! Do not pitch your tent anywhere near the staging area, or along main thoroughfares.

Be noise-aware

Just being away from your usual place of residence is emboldening enough, and add the fervor and fun of a festival, and you have the perfect recipe for unbridled sex. But do remember, even if you have pitched your tent away from others’, people can still hear you in the dead of night. It helps to remember that your friends are trying to sleep in the next tent, so aim to keep the noise to a complete minimum when you get your act on. In fact, having to do it quietly makes the sex even hotter!

Be prepared

When you pack your bag, you take along baby wipes, toothpaste and brushes, even bin liners – but have you packed condoms and lube? The festival site may be miles away from any shops or pharmacies, and going out to look for them is a real buzzkill. Having a condom on hand also ensures that the deed is done and disposed of safely, and nobody has to sleep in a wet patch on the ground.

Be confident

It’s not possible to get a shower or wash up regularly at a festival site – there might not be enough water sources around – so you’re going to be a little dusty and not feeling your sexiest. But that shouldn’t deter you from having the best sex at this time. If your physical state does not allow you to let go completely, maybe lube and pleasure gels can get you there. At the very least, they will make foreplay easier. Try the right lubes and gels during this time to hit the spot during sex, even with a condom on. Throw in a pleasure ring to really ramp things up!

Be comfortable

Granted, there won’t be enough space in your cramped tent to perform the kind of sexual gymnastics you are normally accustomed to – but don’t let lack of space cramp your style! Simply carry a family-sized tent to make more room for the two of you – you will have more space to try much more than the missionary position. You could also invest in a double sleeping bag. It’s all about embracing your new surroundings and experimenting with different positions until you find something that works – and that adds to the festival fun!