Using all your body parts to raise a few extra hairs on the back of your neck, or to make your partner’s skin tingle with every sensation, is a key to great sex. Giving your partner attention through all five senses can be key; looking, listening, smelling, touching and tasting are all important ways to building a bond. We’ll focus on the last – the tongue is a master of stimulating your partner, and with a few extra tips you could be, too. The first trick is to enjoy the taste, and to excite them with every lap, trace or kiss.


From simply kissing the hand, to a full on snog, kissing has several depths, and often the right kiss depends on mood, setting, and passion. A simple open mouth kiss, with no tongue, is often the best way to start, moving onto a more sensual tongue kiss, or “French kiss”, that’s more than just tasting, but exploring, entwining and arousing. Kisses shouldn’t stop at the mouth – sensitive areas such as the neck, collar bone and ears should also be paid attention to, as you move slowly around and down your partner’s body.


Tracing on your partner with the tip of your tongue towards the most sensitive parts of their body can drive them crazy, which can be all the more fun for those who like control. A soft, light play with the tongue on the genitals, or following the natural dips of the body such as the neck, or the V between abs and hips, can help discover new sensitive spots. Pace is important: moving between fast and slow, whether in rhythm or random can ramp up the excitement, and keep your partner guessing.


Luckily, your tongue comes pre-lubricated, so it can be used anywhere on your partner’s body. For a start, try long, slow, flat movements, and try to work out which parts he or she is stimulated by, barring the most obvious. This could be the back of the neck, the chest (for him, and her) or even below the Adam’s apple (for him) and between the toes (for her).  Best of all, blowing on the skin you’ve just licked will stimulate the skin, firing up nerves with the extra cold air. It’s effective on the hairline, ears as well as breasts.

For more foreplay, the tongue can tease and please. On her, lie between her thighs and trace around the u-spot. Her clitoris is the most sensitive part, so try to lead her into it. Move your tongue in circular motions before moving into the centre. On him, the glans (or area between shaft and head) are the most sensitive part. Licking and breathing will play a mixture of cool and heat. Long licks of the shaft can lead to kisses of the head (or vice versa) before taking him all in. Once you’ve made your partner tremble a few times with just your tongue, all it can take is a suggestive lick of the lips to make their knees shake!