If you are single, you might have lost every hope of dating after hearing the word “social distancing.” Luckily for you, with the rise of social media and dating apps, those searching for love create innovative ways to reignite or maintain a spark. 

Now that we are all living in an age of self-isolation turn up the music, start swiping, and use the following at-home dating ideas to find and date the person who is just meant for you. 

1. Be a little experimental  

If you are someone who doesn’t prefer in-person interactions, then virtual dating is ideal for you. Discover your preferences and who you are attracted to. 

Unfortunately, all of us, at some point in our lives, fall victim to the dreadful dating cycle of selecting the wrong people, the not-so-right people, and selecting them again.  

Being in isolation allows you to reflect; now is the perfect time to go! Just use your laptop or mobile phone rather than go through the town and end up disappointed. 

2. Learn about interests 

Seize the opportunity to learn about your possible partner’s interests and abilities and express your own. Use the technology and establish a connection before connecting virtually. 

Make sure to update your profile to stand out from the crowd and look over your potential partner’s profile before going screen to screen because time is of the essence.  

3. Setting up the atmosphere 

The first dates can often be uncomfortable. While countless things can make you sweat before dinner, this doesn’t mean poorly planned dates can be avoided just because you are dating from home. 

So, ensure you fully understand and utilize all video calling apps' features. Oh! One more thing. Always have an escape route ready on your first date if your partner doesn’t meet your expectations.

Some dating applications offer a time limit of calls, which is ideal for saving you in case the spark isn’t there. You can also set up background, fortifying your privacy even in isolation. Choosing a background that speaks about you can also serve as a great icebreaker. 

4. Do an activity together

For some people, going on a date without an atmosphere, music, drinks, food, and other people can be scary. Even the thought of continuing the conversation can be overwhelming. 

So, assign yourself a task to complete with your partner. This is a great way to keep them engaged in a conversation and assess their level of creativity. 

One of the best ways to tell if someone is up to your taste is to see what they can create with just the five items from your kitchen. 

5. Talking intimacy

Whether dating in person or virtually, going at your own pace is important. You should take it up a notch and use different lubricants to enhance pleasure as your relationship develops and you start feeling more comfortable in each other’s company. 

Although our love lives have significantly changed, dating shouldn’t be avoided. Since we should all heed government advice, dating must be conducted virtually for now. We are unsure how long the quarantine will last, so let's take on the challenge of internet romance. Thus, find your quarantine crush while at home and dating online.