The term ‘Sex toys for men’ is a bit of a misnomer. Much of the sex toy industry is focused on female pleasure, so it’s no surprise that there are so many methods and different means to reaching orgasm.


Rings placed around the penis can help withhold orgasm, while also creating a pleasurable experience for her. Some work by creating vibrations – battery powered rings can create an invigorating feeling pressed up against her clitoris, while in some kinds of rings, you can even rotate the vibrator underneath the penis to press against him too. These vibrations can help make reaching orgasm much easier, and can also help you come together.


Lube and pleasure gels are a bit of fun for both, or even on your own. The extra moisture makes it much easier to play, especially if you want to heighten the action quickly, or if you want to create some manual excitement with each other. Try out Durex Play Tingle during masturbation or with a partner for extra cooling sensations, or turn up the heat with Durex Play Warming.

Masturbation sheaths

These sex toys are made to make manual play that much more fun for men. Some varieties have an open end that makes them easier to use, and other varieties have a closed end that adds suction. Add lubrication for more stimulation, or you can play a little more with oral (with an open end). Although this might be a little extreme, this plaything could help add another layer of pleasure.

Some other ideas…

While these ideas aren’t strictly for men, you may want to have a little fun with some.