Many people think that lube is something you only need to use if you're too dry down below. However, it can make almost all sex better for men and women alike.

Using lube

  1. There are three main types of lube: water based, oil based and silicone. Water based is the most common and can be used for anything. However, it may need re-application over time (though you can use a water spray applied locally to reactivate it and make it last longer). Oil based lube isn't condom safe but is super slippery. Silicone lube offers the best of both worlds, being super slippery and condom-safe.
  2. Lube is great for masturbation, whether you're male or female. That slippery friction adds extra sensation.

  3. Different lubes suit different people so try a selection to work out which one is best for your body.

  4. Massage oils can break condoms so stay safe by using lube instead. Durex Play 2-in-1 which is designed to be used for massage as well as more intimate lubrication.

  5. Using your hands to play with your boyfriend or girlfriend? A squeeze of lube will make it easier for you and better for your lover.

  6. Like to use your hands and your mouth at the same time? Opt for a flavoured lube to make things taste as sweet as a strawberry or as exciting as pina colada. Sex marathons benefit from added lubricant. See it like a pit stop - if you top up on lube as you go along, you'll keep your motors running.

  7. Chafed from sex the morning after but still want to keep on going? Lube will help reduce the friction burn.

  8. For an extra edge to sex, try Durex, Warming or Tingle for a different sensation.

  9. Want to mix things up? The skin is the body's biggest erogenous zone, so try drizzling lube over your lover's body then writhing against each other in slippery bliss.
A squeeze of lube will make it easier for you and better for your lover.