Flavoured lube - what’s the deal? For the uninitiated, these flavoured pleasure gels are great little bedroom toys. They not only ease the friction that can occur between you and your partner during sex, but have the additional benefit of taste bud-friendly flavours designed to make anything tongue-related that much more interesting. This is a guide that could help you get over the worry of using lube, and help you discover how fun our little containers of pleasure gel can be. We’ll go over the tastes, the techniques and a few other tips, showing you how to make flavoured lubes and pleasure gels work in your bedroom.

Taste test

With all our products, it’s important to find out what works for you. So sample the range, and find the best taste for you. The focus of flavoured gels as opposed to other lubricants is foreplay. For some, oral sex might be made more palatable by the addition of flavours, whereas for others it may just enhance the experience a bit more. Some lubricants also increase tingling sensations that only add to the fun, and new sensations are that much more heightened.

Give it a squeeze

To apply, twist open the container and squeeze a little onto your fingertips. From there, either apply it on yourself, or to your partner, wherever you like and prefer. Try starting on some upper areas, such as the chest, breasts or tongue (to give them an idea of what you’re about to taste) before moving lower. From there, it’s all a case about who leads, and what kind of foreplay is on the menu. Also, when you’re ready to move to the main course, remember that these Durex flavoured lubes are condom friendly, and you can even add some to the outside of the condom to help retain lubrication. Durex flavoured lubes are water soluble, and easily washed off (so don’t be afraid to get messy!)

The guide to durex flavours

Durex lube and pleasure gels come in two flavours: Saucy Strawberry and Cheeky Cherry. As for what they taste like, the clue is in the title. Saucy Strawberry is sugar free (as are all of the gels) but you will still taste the sweetness on your tongue. And Cheeky Cherry is smooth and deliciously fruity.