Lubrication isn’t just a tool: it’s also a great way to enhance pleasure during sex, foreplay or to add another dimension when you’re just fooling around. There’s a range of sensations you can feel with pleasure gels, from cooling effects to a bit more heat. It’s up to you to try them all! However, we can help your decision with a few of our own recommendations and ideas for you to try out. We’ll also be describing the sensations, giving you a hint of what you could feel on using them.


With warming lube and pleasure gels, once it has made contact with the skin it begins to warm. This can have an instant and very arousing effect, particularly if your partner rubs it on. Remember, you only need a little to begin, so take things slow if you’ve never experienced a heating pleasure gel before. For those a little more experienced, have you tried gently blowing on it? This enhances the warming action by contrasting it with the cool air, making the sensation much more intense.


There are some lubes that provide a cooling effect too. This might sound a little counter-intuitive, especially when sex is so often all about the heat, but it actually provides an exciting feeling of coolness that sends chills down your spine. We especially recommend using it during foreplay. It may be off-putting if used over regular warming gels during the middle of sex – but what’s romance without experimentation?


Flavoured pleasure gels add a little extra to sex. It can make oral sex much more palatable for some, and will provide some difference in the smells and tastes of regular sex. Durex flavoured pleasure gel comes in a variety of fruity flavours, such as cherry. They’re designed to taste appealing and are water soluble. Try some with your tongue before venturing a little further; they’re quite safe.


Not quite as well-known as its flavoured cousins, the lube is a pleasure gel that is designed for those who may feel a little dry during, or before, sex. It takes the worry of pain and friction out of the equation. It aligns with the pH found in the body, and adapts to the temperature for a hassle-free experience.

Durex lubrication is condom friendly, so don’t fret, just try what you want and go with it. Many of them are water soluble and easy to wash off, and they won’t stain your bedclothes. So have fun and experiment with Durex.