Everybody has their personal favourite position, from the most simple to the most acrobatic. However, the truth is that there are no magic positions that work every time, and achieving orgasm can be reached by trying something new. Everyone's bodies are different and not everyone enjoys having the same kinds of sex - so the 'best' position is the one that you both find together, but the journey can be just as fun as the destination. In doing this you can also find out more about what each other wants, and this can open up new and exciting areas for discovery. Here are some of the basics.

Face to face

This is a position where one partner lies on top of the other with both faces up close. The person on top could have their legs between the legs of the person lying beneath. Another alternative is to interlock the legs and rub the bodies together for different variations – perhaps using hands too. This position is known as the ‘missionary’ position.

The benefits of this position are:

  • Since eye contact is important to great sex, the missionary position is the best to get close and share smiles, looks and sounds.
  • This position helps you read facial expressions too, and find out what works for your partner through their reactions. The best communication is sometimes physical.
  • Depending on what the other wants, you can take things slow, or increase the tempo for more intense sex.

A fun idea for the penetrating partner, is to hold themselves up slightly to change the angle and depth of entry. Underneath, your legs can be wrapped around your partner’s, or raised in the air to allow for deeper penetration.

Sitting straddling

Have one partner sit on top of the other with their legs straddling each side of the lower’s body. This allows for a position where the person on top can guide the other, and support themselves to aid balance. You can even use your hands on each other during the act.

The benefits of this position are:

  • The person on top has control over how fast and how deep the penetration will be.
  • Having full control over the motion might make sex easier. And for those laying down, they get the opportunity to admire and appreciate the other’s body.
  • Being on top means you can get the right angle and position that works for you. Many people find they get better stimulation of the clitoris in this
  • There’s no better pose that allows both partner’s to look at the other’s body. It is also great to enhance your emotional connection as you gaze into each other’s eyes.
  • You can stroke each other's bodies easily, as your arms aren’t needed to prop you up.
  • It encourages you to really play with your partner. Feeling your partner’s clitoris or penis takes things to the next level for both of you.

From behind

Entering your partner from behind  allows for deep penetration and different vantage point to appreciate your partner’s body. It can be intense and lead to almost explosive orgasms. Both partners face the same way, with the man entering the woman from behind. Although intense, for many the best thing about this pose is it allows them to concentrate on their own experience and to get wrapped up in their own pleasure. This position is sometimes referred to as ‘doggy style’.

The benefits of this position are:

  • It can allow for much deeper entry which could help for reaching orgasm.
  • It's easier to move, so intercourse can be much faster and more intense.
  • The angle of entry is more comfortable for some people.
  • It can bring energy and excitement to the bedroom.

The variations of this position also allow for easy changes to other angles and positions.