While the conventional idea of sex is to have it indoors, away from prying eyes, some people are intensely excited at the idea of having sex outdoors. The great outdoors can be the ultimate aphrodisiac for them.

But others might not relish the idea of having sex in a cramped tent. But if you want to make your foray into nature comfortable and exciting, you could consider these best sex positions we have outlined for you.

The biggest impediment to sex in a tent is the lack of space. So if you want to avoid being tangled in tent poles and canvas, try sex positions that feature small and controlled movements. Here are three sex positions you can explore:

1. Spooning

This sex position is perfect when there is less space but lots of passion! Both the partners lie on their sides, with the man entering the woman from behind. There is no need for wide, frenzied movements, and there is ample closeness between the two partners. Try this position when the two of you are zipped into a double sleeping bag.

2. Missionary

This is another great sex position when you want beautiful, close sex. In this position, the woman is below the man as he enters her. The ground can be hard, so it is better to place a pillow under her buttocks. This will make her comfortable and also raise her pelvis so that he gets more control over the entry and she gets a better orgasm through increased clitoral stimulation.

3. Lazy doggy

This is the rear entry position, but where the movements are slow and relaxed. Simply lie down once you are in the doggy style position and thrust with small, shallow movements.

The perfect position

It’s not just about your sex position, it is also the position of the tent that is important for great sex in the outdoors. If you are looking for romance, pitch the tent at a place that offers view of the sunrise, or the sound of waves, or a sky full of stars. Choose a quiet spot where you are less likely to be interrupted, and let the door of your tent face away from the hiking trail so that other campers cannot peek inside. It might happen that other campers might pitch their tent close to yours, so be silent when you’re having sex. Also avoid mood lighting – it can cast shadows on the tent walls, so you will end up putting up an unwelcome show for everyone else!

Get comfy

Your tent can be transformed into a magical place for sex with just a few simple touches. Get a roomy tent and carry some fluffy pillows along. Carry foam yoga mats instead of air beds – the latter can be tricky for sex. And keep condoms, condomslube and sex toys within easy reach before you get started. Be sure to camp close to your car or you will spend all your time lugging heavy camping gear to and fro!