Sending a casual sex text, more commonly known as “sext,” seems like no big deal, but when you are sending a sext at the moment, you realize that it is an art. 

Engaging in erotic texting can be thrilling, whether you are in a long-distance relationship or trying out something new and flirtatious. 

It is an excellent form of foreplay, and while many indulge in it daily, what are the guidelines or instructions? In this article, we have compiled a list of dos, don’ts, and tips on sexting with confidence. 

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned player, continue to read the following instructions, allowing you to say goodbye to awkwardness and embrace the excitement. 

How to initiate sexting

Initiating sexting, especially for the very first time, can be an extremely nerve-wracking experience. Whether you're looking to reignite the passion in your relationship or trying to kindle a new romantic interest, mastering the art of sexting can feel intimidating. You want to be sexy and hot, but occasionally, it can simply feel awkward. 

Our first tip would be to start with something uncomplicated and subtle. Begin with opening lines such as "I've been thinking about our last encounter all day," “Remember that unforgettable moment we shared?” and “I had a dream about you last night.” 

These phrases don't necessarily carry explicit connotations. Based on the response, measure your partner’s interest and go from there. 

Sexting guidelines: 

  • Take it slow
  • Have fun with the dirty talk
  • Keep the sexts short and to the point 
  • Don't stray too far out of your comfort zone
  • Remember you are playing the role of a playful partner 
  • Ask open-ended questions for more engaging conversations
  • Double-check for unintended interpretations due to autocorrect

Don’t be too serious

Sexting is meant to be enjoyable and thrilling, so keep that in mind! While it might seem intimidating initially, its purpose is to enhance your intimate moments rather than lead to anxiety.

Be self-assured, whether your expressions or passionate conversations and ultimately relish the enticing outcomes. Remember, sexting isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so if you find it difficult despite trying hard, it’s perfectly fine to communicate that to your partner. 

Use emojis

If you find it difficult to communicate your desires through words, rest assured you are not alone in this predicament. There is a way to overcome this problem! 

To ease the awkwardness, why not include emojis in your message and create a sensual narrative? Phone and messaging applications these days come with a wide range of emojis and characters that can help you express your desires. Additionally, some applications even let you create your very own emojis. 

So start using these emojis and master the basics of popular emojis like peach, aubergine, taco, etc., to express yourself better without needing a word. 

Sexting can be enjoyable, but it's essential to remember that whatever you send remains permanently accessible. Here are some things to avoid amidst all the excitement:

Don’t give it all away

Sexting is all about creating temptation and excitement. To keep your partner always guessing about what’s to come next. Therefore, it is important not to send explicit messages or nudes straightaway. 

Build up anticipation by playful flirting and slowly letting their imagination run wild. Consider sending a suggestive picture like one of you in your nigh suit, towel or as you prepare for a date. 

Don’t send pictures of your face

Speaking about pictures, while they are an enticing part of sexting, it’s wise to keep it anonymous. In today’s global age of technology, the pictures you share can sometimes end up in unwanted places. 

To save yourself from potential embarrassment, it is better to refrain from sharing pictures that include your face. By staying unidentifiable, you can reduce the risk of being involved in revenge porn or leaked photo incidents.

Don’t sext before sex

If you are yet to have a sexual experience with your partner, it is better if you keep yourself from sexting. Because at this point, without having a prior understanding of each other’s preferences, it could make the encounter more awkward than enticing. 

Additionally, do not suggest things over the text that you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing in the bedroom. Misleading your partner about your interests and preferences can lead to uncomfortable and embarrassing situations for you and your partner.