Having sex all night long sounds like fun, but it must also be exhausting. Having sex more than once a night can get difficult, especially for men – the male body takes a long time to recoup after the last ejaculation, but if he takes very long, it can seal the fate of your romantic night together. But there are ways to shorten this recovery time – and keeping the female partner simmering in the meantime – so that both are ready to go again and again.

Rest up

Once you have had one round of sex, rest for a while. Your partner does not expect you to get straight back into foreplay for the next round. When you rest, you can recover quickly and go again in a while. Besides, you get a wonderful post-coital glow just after sex, so you should bask in it for a while. Hold her and keep her close, so that you feel emotionally connected – and you can both soon get in the mood for Round 2.

Lather up

After you’ve had sex, it might be a good idea to take a shower together instead of going back to your acrobatics in bed. The shower will awaken all your senses and get both of you revitalized. You will also be cleaner and less inhibited when you are aroused once again. You don’t even need to head back to the bedroom – just do it in the shower area, adding a new experience to your sex life. You can while the time with a sensual scalp and body massage for your partner, or lather each other with soap. You can keep her interested by using the shower head on her erogenous zone until you’re ready to go again.

Oral fixation

There’s no need to replicate Act I when you’re ready for Act II – try oral sex to get back in the mood. Your partner can titillate and tantalise, and you can get more than ready for penetration. Try the 69 position to get each other excited and add a new angle for penetration and pleasure.

Go time

If you’ve regained the stamina to go once again, remember that Round II is not going to be the fast and furious affair that Round I was. Go slower this time and get into a more comfortable position that both of you will enjoy. You will enjoy yourself more if you don’t exert too much this time, or you will feel like you just ran a marathon. You must also conserve your energy if you want to go yet again – use lube so that your multiple sessions do not cause chafing or soreness.

Know how to trouble-shoot

If you’re struggling to maintain your erection once you're inside her, try the missionary position with a slight variation: have her close her legs while you open your own. This will make the position tighter, and your penis will get a better grip, thus increasing sensation and encouraging more blood to flow to your penis. More blood flow results in a stronger erection, so you can now carry on!