It’s as simple as that.

At least not in the way that you might think.

There are no magic potions that are going to make anyone become electric in bed, although some of the traditional choices like oysters, figs, chilis, and chocolate all hold surprising bedroom benefits that you could take advantage of.


Oysters are probably the food that comes to mind for most people when they think of aphrodisiacs, thanks to their many appearances in film and TV. They’ve had this romantic reputation for thousands of years, long before any scientific benefit could be measured, and their reported powers are actually based on their appearance, and their similarity to… well, you can take your best guess.


Figs are another famous aphrodisiac, revered by almost every culture in history that look like a body part…well, that same body part.


Chilis definitely tick the box for similarity to a male body part, although the same could be said about a lot of different fruits and vegetables. Chilis have a far greater claim to this mantel however, as eating them sparks a number of reactions in the body. Feel good endorphins are released, and the body’s temperature is raised, along with increased heart rate and sweating – all body functions that are also triggered by sexual arousal. One thing to remember with these though, is that caution should be taken when eating chilis, and then being too eager to use your mouth on your partner – as the capsaicin in the chili can be a powerful irritant for sensitive areas!


Of all the supposed aphrodisiacs, chocolate is the one that holds truest. It has a melting point of just below body temperature, making it feel closely linked with the body. All the more so, when you eat it off your partner’s body. At the chemical level, chocolate contains serotonin, a chemical associated with feelings of euphoria. It is said that Montezuma, the last ruler of the Aztecs, drank fifty cups of chocolate a day, for the sexual properties that it possessed – it’s probably best if you start with a bar or two, and work your way up from there.