A better sex life requires time and effort to sustain. Pressure from daily living could easily trickle into the bedroom leaving us with very little motivation to perform when the time comes. Sometimes your sex life needs a hero, and that hero is you. Empower yourself by taking ownership of your sexuality and appreciating the wild and heroic things that your body is capable of. Be open to the various things that can reignite the fire and take you to the next level of ecstasy. You can’t let negative external forces take over. Right now it’s time to step up, and step out in pursuit of better sex. Take a look at our top tips for saving the night with superhuman orgasms.

Another sex toy in the mix

Bringing creativity to the bedroom could be the key to enhancing the sex-factor in your relationship. Role play brings fantasies to life. With the influx of superhero blockbusters if you get turned on by watching one of the movies or TV shows, ask your partner to get dressed up. Learn more about each other, and without judgement make sure you speak openly with your partner about what turns you on – you might be surprised at what you discover. Remember, Marvel and DC superheroes aren’t the only options; firefighters, police officers and doctors can be heroes too.

Lord of the ring

Take a note from some of your favorite heroes and equip yourself with some of the best sex toys that today’s technology has to offer. The Play Vibrations Cock Ring and gives you the ability to be nigh-invincible. Use it during foreplay; rub it all over her nipples, his penis, or anywhere your imagination leads you. When it’s time to take it up a notch, place the ring at the base of the penis where it will help stimulate her clitoris during intercourse. The ring is suitable for use both with and without condoms. Go ahead and try it with Durex Air, our thinnest condoms yet, for extra skin-on-skin sensation. If it wasn’t good enough already, the Play Vibrations Cock Ring is also waterproof, thus opening you up to some underwater escapades. Let your imagination run wild. For an electrifying addition to your sex toys of heroes collection, then look no further.

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Choose your words

Alongside the pressure that comes with protecting society, and their own identities, superheroes put a lot of effort into fashioning the perfect witticisms and one-liners. Become a wordsmith in the bedroom by mastering the art of talking dirty.

Words are aphrodisiacs. With the brain being the most important sexual organ, never underestimate the power of words in stimulating your partners mind. Research even shows brain activation to hearing one’s name. Express how you feel while you and your partner are getting intimate, and with positive words, encourage them. Revel in the passion and let your partner know just how much you love it! What do you want them to do to you next? Let them know. Speak up.

It takes time and effort to embrace your inner hero. But don’t you love it when a plan comes together? If so, then take this insight and journey on the road to better sex. Remember, you only get out how much you put in. Now go forth and conquer.