Condoms can offer extremely good protection from unplanned pregnancies and many sexually transmitted infections. However, condoms can also enhance your sex life: through delaying or speeding up orgasm and providing extra stimulation with different shapes, sizes, dots, ribs and lubricants.

So, how do you use condoms?

Condoms are worn on the penis to prevent semen from getting any further than the inside of the condom, and to help block the potential swapping of many STIs. They come in forms such as thinthick or ribbed (depending on the material) and they are designed in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit around a penis. Condoms are usually made of latex, but they can also be made of polyisoprene - a non-latex material, usually preferred by those allergic to latex.


Protection from infection

Using condoms massively reduces your risks of getting (or giving someone) an infection. As most STIs are symptomless, it's often impossible to tell whether someone (or you) has an infection unless you get tested. So the more you use condoms, the safer you are.

Condom safety

Despite being very thin (Durex’s thickest condoms are less than a tenth of a millimeter thick) condoms are very, very strong. is electronically tested and we subject our condoms to regular and rigorous batch tests. We take condoms out of batches: we inflate them with air and fill them with water to see if a batch meets our high standards – there should be no leaks, however small. Try this yourself at home. We go the extra mile so you can just focus on having great sex.

Should i use one?

Yes. If you're going to have intercourse or close genital contact, they're a very smart idea. While condoms are designed to help prevent infections and pregnancies, they can also help you have great sex. Talking about which kind of condoms you want to use can open up the conversation about what else you both like.

A ribbed or warming condom could provide an extra, wowing sensation. Or a thin feel condom could bring you that much closer together. A delaying condom can help prolong intercourse. If you want to pick the right one, take a look at the Durex range to get an idea of what you might like to try.