Condoms do much more than provide for contraception – the different materials and textures used to make condoms can create an extra wow-factor in the bedroom!

When it comes to choosing condoms, it’s always about different strokes working for different folks (pun unintended!) Condoms today are available in different features which can mean different things to different people. But most couples tend to get stuck in a rut with the condom they use over and over again. Condoms are no longer just about contraception - they have a host of other benefits and features too, and they are capable of transforming your sexual experience with new sensations, increased comfort and even enhanced performance. Read on to find out which condom you should try on tonight.


Thin condoms can make a huge difference to how sex feels, because it makes for a more intense experience for you both1. But don’t mistake thinness for less safety – all Durex condoms are electronically tested for strength and flexibility. Some condoms offer great reassurance and protection, while also offering a sleek fit and feeling, such as Durex Fetherlite condoms which are on average 20 per cent thinner than the standard Durex condoms. The thinness provides greater sensitivity to bring you both closer together during sex…and if you really want to ramp up the intensity, try the Real Feel condoms that have extra lubrication and are ultra-fine, designed to increase sensitivity and your pleasure.


Never underestimate the power of ribbed condoms – they offer a different texture than you are normally accustomed to, and they can completely transform the sex experience. Durex has a selection of condoms with different dots and ribs; including Sensation, which has several extra dots for extra stimulation, Ribbed, which has ribs and is straight walled, and Pleasuremax, which combines the benefits of both ribs and raised dots to enhance stimulation for both you and your partner.


If you or your partner are, or could be, allergic to latex, it does not automatically mean that you can’t use condoms for sex. It just means that you should use a non-latex one. Durex has a range There are a range of condoms that are made from non-latex material, and some of them offer a natural skin-on-skin feeling (such as Durex RealFeel). This condom increases pleasure for you both, as it helps maximise sensitivity, intimacy and intensity. So you can go latex-free and also enjoy sex to the maximum with these next-generation condoms.

Extra safe

If the knowledge that the condoms you’re using are safe is most important to you, then you would do well with a slightly thicker, more lubricated condom that gives you the reassurance you seek as also optimum comfort. Thicker condoms are also easier to put on, meaning that there is less chance of them breaking. So you can now feel free to relax and enjoy great sex with the peace of mind that you’re protected.

Enhanced performance

There are condoms that can actually enhance your performance – they are created with superior science that transforms sex. Condoms that enhance sexual performance can be a complete game changer, particularly if you’re hoping to achieve the elusive simultaneous orgasm that you’ve heard so much about, or to make sex last longer. Durex Mutual Pleasure aims to help both of you orgasm in tandem, with specially positioned ribs and dots in key places to speed her up, and specially-designed lubricant to slow him down. This means that you’re likely to meet in the middle, and most probably together. Other condoms include technology to prolong his orgasm by using containing lube that keeps things ticking over for longer – so both partners are free to enjoy each other for a longer while!

With so many options available, it’s best to experiment with different condoms and see what works best for you and your partner. New technology means condoms can be as much an experience-enhancing sex toy as a method of contraception, so make sure you’re not missing out!