If you’re heading to a music or art festival this summer, make sure you’re primed for passion by following our fun ideas to transform your tent into a romantic love nest for two.

1. Camping comforts

Whilst you know not to expect too much glamour from a drab tent, just a few handy tricks can transform into a palace of passion. Get a mid-sized tent (at least a three-man for the two of you) and choose one with air vents to prevent things getting uncomfortably hot and sweaty. Take a couple of pillows with you (it’ll be worth it, we promise) and avoid slippery sleeping bags, which can make it difficult to get any grip when you need it. Finally, remember to pack lube and pleasure gel to keep things comfortable for both of you.

2. Light the way

You’ll want to avoid fumbling around in the pitch darkness, and candles are a no-no in your highly-flammable tent. Pack a few battery-operated lights to give a gentle glow once it gets dark. But do remember that though a lone light might seem romantic to you in the tent, it is perfect for casting shadows on the walls and giving everyone else around your tent a glimpse of your bedtime romp. Hang your lantern from the top of the tent (rather than at the side) to minimize shadow. Or once you are about to get down to it, just switch off the light and let the fun begin.

3. The other o-word

We mean organization, not the other ‘O’! We would be the last ones to suggest that you run your sex life like a regimented military operation, we would suggest that you have everything you need close at hand – nothing ruins the moment like looking for a condom, or digging about for lube or pleasure gel once you’re in the mood for things to begin. Use your tent’s inside pockets, or keep your essential supplies handy. You might have packed sexy lingerie for a night of wild passion, but trying to take off elaborate underwear in a confined space is a big mood killer. Whatever else you pack, be sure to include a box of condoms – these are important to reduce post-sex mess, so that you don’t have to skip around a wet patch in your cozy tent.

4. Scents and sensibility

A lack of showers, the great outdoors and plenty of energetic dancing mean that you will smell less than fresh as the day wears on. It’s a good idea to pack antiperspirant wipes, baby wipes and deodorant for your trip.

5. Sound it out

If you’re trying to stoke the flames of passion while a set is still going on and find you can’t hear each other, try using your other senses to communicate. However, once everything quietens down, you might have the reverse problem of keeping it quiet when there are others all around you. While having sex quietly can add to the fun, you may struggle to relax in the additional pressure of being really quiet – it might even stop you from orgasming.
Music can help cover any moans and groans from the outside world, which will allow you to let go a bit more, and you may also want to ditch the sex toys in favour of lube and pleasure gel, for a quieter way to get that intense, tingly sensation.