A sex toy can add some extra spice to your love life, but don’t worry if you have nothing at hand. These common household items can double up as great sex toys.

Eye mask

Is there an eye mask forgotten at the back of your wardrobe? Fish it out and use it during foreplay. Place the mask on your partner and play a game of ‘Guess what I’m going to do next’. Being blindfolded has the added bonus of heightening the senses, so every unexpected touch will feel spectacular.

Make-up brush

This cosmetic staple leads a secret double-life as a sex toy. By sweeping it over your partner’s body, you’ll tickle their fancy and introduce them to new sensations. Large brushes (such as blusher and powder brushes) work best, so try gliding them over the most delicate, sensitive areas of skin, such as the neck, wrists and inner thighs. It’s a great way to tease each other and get things heated up.

Electric toothbrush

An electric toothbrush can make for a powerful vibrator, just make sure you use it safely (and never use it inside the body). Place the smooth side of the head or the base of the toothbrush anywhere you want to titillate yourself or your partner. Pressing against a woman’s clitoris can be a particular favourite, and the humble toothbrush has the added bonus of not looking like a sex toy, so there’s no embarrassment if it’s found by anyone.

Back massager

Many people have an unused and unloved battery-operated back massager somewhere in their house, but that questionable purchase might just come into its own after all. As with the electric toothbrush, take your time to sample the sensations all over your body.

Washing machine

Two words: spin cycle. If you fancy a change from the usual bedroom antics, move things into the laundry room. Warm things up as the washing machine does its thing, and enjoy the anticipation of the spin cycle. When it kicks in, get ready for judders of pleasure (and some housework ticked off the list, too!)


Silk or cotton scarves make for multi-purpose sex toys – as a makeshift blindfold, a softer alternative to handcuffs, or they can be gently brushed over your skin. Try stroking it over the most sensitive body parts, before placing it between your upper thighs (or your partner’s), then rocking your hips up and down with the taut fabric rubbing between your legs.


Make things a little more interesting by moving into the shower for a deliciously slippery experience. Lathering up and feeling each other while soaking wet is a completely different sensation to ‘dry’ sex. And whether you’re alone or with a partner, you can use the shower head to explore different body parts. Adjust the pressure and experiment with different spray modes and get wet, wet, wet.

Have fun experimenting with improvised sex toys, but remember not to use anything internally unless it’s designed to be used that way, and to make sure both you and your partner are comfortable with what you’re doing. It’s a good idea to agree on a ‘safe’ word for if either of you want to take a break.