Have you ever looked around yourself at other cute and happy couples and wondered what the secret is to a strong and healthy relationship? 

It’s not always the grand romantic gestures, erotic massages, or best sex positions for increased intimacy. The trick that most couples often ignore is to establish healthy habits and continue to do those things daily, year after year. 

Below are the top key habits every couple should adopt to maintain strong and healthy relationships. 

1. Expressing continued affection 

Continuous displays of affection, regardless of the medium, such as a kiss, hug, touch, or even a massage, can serve as a base for a connection between you and your partner throughout the day. Consistent expressions of love have the potential to relieve stress and depression but also help improve intimacy by triggering the release of oxytocin. 

Apart from the health benefits of physical touch, expressing affection helps strengthen the romantic bond between couples and contributes to resolving conflict. Additionally, some people may feel uncomfortable showcasing affection, but engaging in non-sexual physical gestures like back rubs or hugs can play a pivotal role in developing strong and healthy relationships. 

2. Maintain contact throughout the day

Amid busy schedules, maintaining contact with your partner is beneficial in fortifying the bond between you. It doesn’t always have to be a video call or meet-up, and can be as simple as sending a text message or a voice call on your way home. 

Keeping an open line of communication with your partner helps you improve your overall level of interaction and strengthen your emotional bond. 

3. They know the art of disagreeing

Disagreeing or arguing with your partner isn’t rare or unhealthy; it is normal not to agree on everything. However, learning how to effectively communicate and work through your disagreements as a couple determines the health of your relationship. 

Learning how to forgive and forget can be a great way for a couple to develop a deeper understanding. If you allow issues, disagreements, and grudges to be fostered over time, it can be detrimental, leading to a rift between you and your partner. 

Respect each other feelings, allow each other to express concerns and frustrations, and you two should be fine.

4. Sustaining an active sex life

While sex represents just one aspect of physical expression, it can be a powerful tool to express love and desire between partners. Give time to nurture sexual connections and tend to each other’s needs. 

Beyond pleasure, sex can bring intimacy and foster trust, comfort, and a sense of closeness with your special one. Maximize the value of your intimate moments by incorporating the best sex positions for mutual orgasm and performance, which will serve as a meaningful gesture, demonstrating your physical and emotional care for your partner.

5. Working towards a goal

Working towards a goal with your partner, regardless of size, strengthens your connection and allows you to demonstrate mutual support. 

Whether the goal involves working together on a fitness journey or budgeting for a home purchase, having a common aspiration creates a meaningful focus for both of you. This fosters a deeper bond and contributes to developing a stronger connection between partners.

6. Doing chores together 

Domestic chores may not be most appealing, but by turning them into shared responsibility, you can reduce the time spent on them and eliminate any resentment that may arise from nagging your partner to contribute their fair share.

Developing a habit of open communication about domestic work assignments and maintaining flexibility regarding when and how they are performed can foster a collaborative approach. Tackling chores together not only aids in building trust and closeness but also sets the stage for even more intimate moments between you and your partner.