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Intimacy is important in every relationship, but from time to time it’s a good idea to re-ignite that spark between you and your partner and find new, more intimate ways of being together. It could be a dinner date, or a surprise weekend away - it could even be a simple hug or a kiss. Maintaining a level of intimacy in your relationship not only makes for amazing sex, it can also keep you closer as a couple.

Sex can be a wonderful way of keeping the physical and emotional bond in your relationship strong, but sometimes, especially in long-term relationships, sex may start to become routine and some of the intimacy can get lost. To keep the fire burning, here are five of the best sex positions for increased intimacy, with some of our top tips to getting closer with your partner.



This position involves the man sitting on the edge of a bed or chair, with the woman sat facing him. The woman can lower herself onto the man and wrap her legs around the man’s waist.

How is it intimate?

As you’re facing each other, it’s great for a prolonged kissing session, which can always be an incredibly intimate activity to do with your partner. Additionally, the face-off allows for deep penetration, as the woman can control the angle of the depth of entry and thrust. As your hands are free, it’s great for a little hands-on exploration too.



Missionary: the most common sex position for many, and for some maybe not the most exciting. But it doesn’t have to be that way! While Missionary might be a simple sex position to master, this can’t be the only reason it’s stood the test of time in the sex position popularity stakes.

How is it intimate?

Missionary can actually be incredibly intimate; as the man is on top of the woman, it allows for constant eye contact and lots of hand-holding and kissing, be it mouth-to-mouth or other areas. With full frontal skin-on-skin contact, no wonder it’s still one of our most popular sex positions.

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Upstanding citizen


It’s something we all aspire to be as people but it’s also a sex position. For this one, the man stands upright while the woman straddles him, wrapping her legs around his body, as he holds her back and buttocks.[5]

How is it intimate?

This position is great for unleashing your undying passion for each other. In theory, there are no limits as to where it can be performed, making it great for spontaneity (as long as the man has strong enough arms!). As quite a physical position, it can also be good to try this move as a way of transition from one position to another, allowing you collapse into bed for the next round.



Spooning may be high up in the lazy sex position league table, but it also rates highly on the intimacy scale. The man simply spoons and enters the woman from behind.[6] Simple, yes, but also extremely intimate.

How is it intimate?

It involves top-to-toe skin-on-skin contact. The man wraps his arms around his partner, giving him open access to her breasts and clitoris. With the perfect wake-up call for a lazy Sunday morning, don’t feel pressured to switch positions – just take your time and enjoy each other’s bodies.

The lotus


The man sits upright, crossing his legs, while his partner sits on top, wrapping her legs around him.

How it is intimate?

Known in the Karma Sutra as a highly sensual sex position, The Lotus takes its name from the classic yoga pose.[7] Just like yoga is known for being a patient, gradual activity, The Lotus is great for when you and your partner want to take your time and really show your love and affection for each other. As the couple is totally entwined, they must be in tune with each other’s movements creating an air of mutual trust and intimacy. This is also another great position for rediscovering the art of kissing.

Whichever intimate sex-position you decide to try, Durex is helping couples to get closer than ever before.