If you are an introvert or a shy person in general, sex can bring up lots of insecurities - about body image, sexual inexperience, and more. But you must understand that you are not alone, as many people experience the same. 

The ultimate goal of sex is to feel at ease, comfortable, and completely connected to your partner, and sex positions are an integral part of the fun. 

In terms of adding some spice to your bedroom experience, here are the 5 best sex positions for shy people to help them confidently increase intimacy, mutual orgasm, and performance

1. Comfy missionary

An ideal position if you don’t wish to attract all the attention towards yourself as it allows each other to embrace without all the hassle. 

Lie your partner flat on their back and lie on her back as you climb on top of her. Both of you move at your own pace, creating thrilling sensations. For an even stronger sensation, have you and your partner change the angles of your legs while maintaining a deep connection with extended eye contact.

2. Side by Side

This is a cozy sex position that allows you to increase the level of intimacy by allowing both partners to lie on the same side, with your backs to each other, so they are flush against each other. As your lover enters you from behind and slips up behind you, lift your knees a little.

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3. Reverse spoon

Experience the benefits of having the desired full-body connection while staring into your partner’s eyes. 

Like 'Side by Side,' lay your partner on her side with her knees bowed and folded towards their chest. After that, lie on her side with your feet behind her head. Focus on her as you move in for a more intense experience.

4. Face-off

It’s nothing complex. The face-off sex position simply means that the penetrating partner sits at the edge of a bed, chair, sofa, or wherever feels good, and the receiving partner wraps her legs around, straddling them, facing forward. 

After that, have her lower herself onto you and press her legs or knees against your sides to move up and down.

5. Reverse cowgirl

Being on top can feel intimidating to people who are being penetrated and are self-conscious about their bellies or breasts. This position offers the best of both worlds. 

Lie down flat on your back and ask her to start by riding you while facing you. Move your body naturally as you enter her, creating a sensual encounter that will delight you both.